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    ...March 2020 Covid popped up. What should have been a wonderful year for Hidden Sicily turned out to be different to say the least. All bookings cancelled. Me locked down in Sicily, my winter trans Siberia trip cancelled even before I could book it.

    I’ve been in Sicily for more than 12 years now and I still love it. Started out running an agriturismo, started organizing trips by classic cars, wine trips, food trips. La dolce vita for me, selling la Dolce vita to my clients. Wow! The Covid pandemic made me fat, feeling useless, lazy. I was stuck on the slopes of mount Etna and in desperate need of exercise to burn some Covid-speck as they call it here.

    I started hiking. with Gaetano, an ex-forestale who, on the way, showed me more interesting tracks. He even got me interested in hiking up and better, around the Etna. I felt 20 again, camping, hiking, campfires, back to basics. Do not get me wrong, 12 years ago I started out organizing trips in vintage cars. And I still love the cars, love organizing the tours. But somehow I got bitten by the back-to basics, survival virus. Leave my phone behind, look at the sky to predict the weather look at the sun and the map where to go.

    A new passion I had to fit in a package I could offer to people. Get them to feel what I had been feeling. Survival Sicily, I did it and I am sure you want to try it. I am still this Dutchman who has got to get everything organized, al fail safes in place. So it is as well planned but it will be adventurous no doubt. If you want to feel what I felt the first evening at dinner at the bivouac, after 20 kilometres of gravel with a group of 15 who did it, do it.

    I promise it will be fun, better though, it will be fun again every next party you will be telling stories about it. Get out of your comfort zone, that is at least what Covid thought me!

    Kind regards, Ben Hofman

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    Survival Sicily is based in Holland at Nederlandplein 70 in Eindhoven and registered at the Chamber of commerce with number 17080084 — VAT NL 00 1817 104 B46